Conference Papers

“A Review of Postwar Architecture in Singapore and Malaysia”. International Symposium on the Documentation and Conservation of the Architecture of Modern Movement in East Asia (1–3 Apr 2011, National Taiwan Museum / Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan)

“Spectacles for Comparison: Urban Sport and Postcoloniality in Southeast Asia”. Joint Conference of the Association for Asian Studies & International Convention of Asia Scholars (30 Mar – 3 Apr 2011, Hawai’i Convention Center, Honolulu, USA)

“Pluralities in the Margin: Community, Religion and Agriculture along Singapore’s abandoned Railway Lines”. Twelfth Conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (15 – 18 Dec 2010, American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

“Constructions of Merdeka: Recollecting an Architectural Group in the Primary National Period”. International Conference on Preservation and Promotion of Heritage (24 – 26 Nov 2010, Park Royal Hotel, Penang, Malaysia)

“Changing Landscapes in Malaysia”. When Nations Remember – an International Conference on Memory (11 – 12 Oct 2010, Carlton Hotel, Singapore)

“States and Stakes: Colonial and National Governances of Civic Space in Southeast Asia”. First International Conference on Civic Space (3 – 5 Aug 2010, University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia)

“Imagining Nanyang: Southeast Asia as Framed in Wong Kar-wai Movies”. Performing Space in Asian Film: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (22 – 23 Feb 2010, Asia Research Institute, Singapore)

“The Nation and its Murals: A Reading of Malaysian Images 1957 – 1969”. The Nation: Narratives & Community (2 Mar 2009, Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore)

“Reframing Post-war Space: Singapore and Malaya in Hollywood Films 1945 – 1979”. International Conference on American Pop Culture in Asia (19 – 2- Feb 2009, Asia Research Institute, Singapore)

“Maidan to Padang: reinventions of an urban space type in Singapore and Malaysia”. Interrogating Tradition: Epistemologies, Fundamentalisms, Regeneration and Practices, 11th IASTE International Conference (12–15 Dec 2008, Oxford-Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom)

“Complexity, Ambiguity and Ethnicity: Architectural Projects at Kampong Kapor, Singapore”. Creative Communities and the Making of Place, Arte-Polis 2nd International Conference and Workshop, (8 – 10 Aug 2008, Bandung, Indonesia)

“Between Monument and Village: Cold War Landscapes in Malaysia, 19491966”. The Cold War in Asia: The Cultural Dimension, ed. Vu Tuong and Wasana Wongsurawat (2008). Bukit Timah: Asia Research Institute. (Invited paper) (The Cold War in Asia: Cultural Dimensions, 25 – 26 Mar 2008, Asia Research Institute, Bukit Timah, Singapore)

“Separating the Ideological Malaya: PWD, Engineering and the building of a university”. The Scaffolding of Empire: Fourth International Symposium of the Centre for Asian and MiddleEastern Architecture (Invited paper) (20 Sep 2007, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia)

“Han Rambutan Orchard”. HyperTraditions: 10th IASTE International Conference (15–18 Dec 2006, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand)

“Spectacles for Comparison: Urban Stadia in Malaysia 19571963”. Nation, City, Place: Rethinking Nationalism (14–16 Jul 2006, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia)

“Malaysia’s National Project and the Role of the United States in Cold War Southeast Asia”. The Americanization of Postwar Architecture (1–3 Dec 2005, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

“Thin Shells for Nationalism: Postcolonial Architecture and Regional Ascendancy in Southeast Asia”. Society of Architectural Historians 58th Annual Meeting (6–10 Apr 2005, Vancouver, Canada)

“The Nation and its Murals: A Reading of Malaysian Images, 19571969”. Cornell University Southeast Asian Program 7th Annual Graduate Students Symposium (15–16 Apr 2005, Cornell University, Ithaca, United States)

“Secondstring Enclaves: An Examination of Early Ethnic Settlements in Singapore”. International Associations of Historians of Asia, 18th Conference (6–10 Dec 2004, Taipei, Taiwan)

“Persisting Surrogate Forms: Evaluating Architectural Development from Colonial to PostIndependence Times in Malaysia”. International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, 9th Conference (14–18 Dec 2004, American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates)

“Processes of Displacement and Replacement: A Reading of National Monuments in Malaysia, 19571963”. Society of Architectural Historians 56th Annual Meeting (23–27 Apr 2003, Denver, Colorado, United States)

“Tropical Tropes: the architectural politics of building in hot and humid climates”. International Association for the study of Traditional Environments, 8th Conference (12–15 Dec 2002, Hong Kong)

“Correlations of Spatial Use and House Forms across Austronesia”. International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, 7th Conference, (The End of Tradition?) (12–15 Oct 2000, Trani, Italy)

“Breadth and Depth: Potentials of CrossCultural Research Methods for Traditional Southeast Asian Architecture”. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Vernacular settlements, ed. Ir. Herlily (1998): 1521. Jakarta, Indonesia: University of Indonesia. (International Seminar on Vernacular Settlement, 3–4 Aug 1999, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia)

“Through Marco’s Eyes: The Malayan Art Scene from the 30s to the 60s”. International Conference of the Asia Pacific Confederation for Arts Education, 9th Conference (Crossing Boundaries) (6–9 Jul 1999, Singapore)

“Banua to Banua: Shifting Models of the Perceived Traditional Torajan House in Indonesia”. International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, 6th conference (15–19 Dec 1998, Cairo, Egypt)

“The Changing Complexities of Materials in the Singaporean Built Environment”. SeptFest Substation Conference (Making Art: Methods, Materials and Manipulations) (6– 8 Sep 1996, The Substation, Singapore)

“Raft and Roof: Exploring Spatial Concepts and Implications in Six Sumatran House Forms”. International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, 4th conference (17–20 Dec 1994, Tunis, Tunisia)

“The concept of centrality as related to Spatial Perception in Nias, Indonesia”. International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, 2nd conference (8–11 Oct 1992, Paris, France)